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Air Cargo Services By Airlines Companies

Air Cargo services denote the transportation of goods from one city to another via plane or aircraft. Sometimes, these services are known as air mail, air express, or air freight, and they use air services to deliver postal mail to make the delivery faster. Not all airlines do business with passenger flights; air freight is also a big part. Few airlines call Air Cargo because they do not operate any scheduled passenger flights and work as freight carriers. Many Major Airlines also have Cargo Services that quickly deliver passenger luggage, meals, and pets. The FSC Carrier mainly has its networks to deliver goods from one location to another. All Major Airlines have their own Air Cargo service; anybody or any company can book these services. FedEx Express and UPS Airlines are the big names in the Air Cargo service, and they are not operating any passenger flights. These freight carriers have wide networks; hence, these air carriers have a place on the Major Airlines list. Using Air Transport for moving goods is essential when the product is more costly and needs extra care and when the time is necessary for the product to be delivered. In many countries, the Air Service also provides food items like fish, cut flowers, milk, meat, exotic fruits, and other products to protect their freshness. Air Cargo services are also best for delivering medical equipment when speed and safety are more important. Some Regional Airlines also works as Air Cargo on some routes .
The demand for Air Transport is increasing for pharmaceutical and healthcare products because they require a specific temperature and delicacy to handle these items.

Type Of Air Cargo Doing Their Business

There are two types of Air Cargo Services Available
General Cargo: As the term states, General Cargo delivers products that do not require any protection, delicacy, or safety. Any item this cargo delivers, such as mobile, tablet, laptop, computer, hardware, dry goods, cloths, textiles, mechanical machines, etc.
Special Cargo: When transporting products from one place to another, the place requires extra requirements, including freshness, temperature, safety, security, and delicacy. Some items are live animals, hazardous products, products requiring a specific temperature and humidity, medical emergencies, medicines and vaccines, etc. All these products need approval from the respective country and board before moving from one place to another.

Aircraft Used By Air Cargo Companies

The Choice Air Craft depends upon the types of Items delivered by Air Cargo, Payloads, dimensions, and other factors. Some commonly used Air Craft names are given below 

Boeing 747-8 , Boeing 777F , Airbus A330-200F , Antonov An-124 Ruslan, Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules

For the Mail Services using Avro Lancastrian, Avro York, Boeing C-7000, Curtiss JN-4, Douglas M-2, Douglas DC-3, Douglas DC-4, and Douglas DC-6, these Aircraft  

Below Are List Of Air Cargo Airlines List With Address Location

China Airlines CargoAir Canada CargoBlue Dart AviationFedEx ExpressHong Kong Air CargoSaudia Cargo
China Cargo AirlinesAir China CargoDHLUPS AirlinesIAG CargoShanghai Airlines Cargo
China Southern CargoAir France CargoAsiana CargoQatar Airways CargoIcelandair CargoSingapore Airlines Cargo
Delta Air FreightAir Hong KongPolar Air CargoEmirates SkyCargoIran Air CargoSouth African Airways Cargo
EgyptAir CargoAir India CargoQuikjet AirlinesKorean Air CargoKLM CargoSpiceXpress
EL AL CargoAir Macau CargoCathay CargoAtlas AirLAN CargoTAM Cargo
Ethiopian Airlines CargoANA CargoCubana CargoTurkish CargoLufthansa CargoTurkish Airlines Cargo
Etihad CargoAvianca CargoCygnus AirCargoluxMASkargoUzbekistan Airways Cargo
EVA Air CargoCathay Pacific CargoAeroflot-CargoChina Southern Airlines CargoRAM CargoYakutia Airlines Cargo
Finnair CargoCebu Pacific CargoChina AirlinesRoyal Jordanian Cargo

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